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Americans In Alsace
La Maison des Associations
1A place des Orphelins
67000 Strasbourg

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  1. says:


    I was trying to sign up for the Christmas party, but I cannot view any events because the site is telling me that my membership is no longer active. I’m assuming that this is just some sort of glitch in the system since I paid membership dues just this past August or September.

    Hopefully this can be fixed? Thanks for your help.

    Kind regards,

    Alexa Lotvonen

    • AIA says:

      Hi Alexa,
      As you guessed, this was a glitch, which should now be resolved (and why I’m now able to respond 🙂
      I’ve sent your message to Alessandra who is coordinating the event because RSVPs are closed on the website.

  2. AIA says:

    Hi Piyanari,
    We were experiencing some technical difficulties, which caused some incorrect messages to be displayed and broke certain website functionalities for some days. This should now be resolved. If you experience any other issues, let me know.

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