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[TAG] Paintball outing

On April 13th the  AIA Teen Activity Group, more commonly know as TAG, reunited for their second activity together. This time TAG decided to go paintballing in Brumath. Once transported to the meeting point, we picnicked in a field and then suited up for the games! Our reservation was at 2:00 pm and as it turned out there was also a group of German men whose reservation was at the same time.  Hmmm….   So for the next two hours we played with and against this friendly group of Germans.  After several games, 100s of paint balls and about an hour and a half, we came together to discuss our next TAG adventure.

The decision was made that our next activity would be more educational and so it was decided that would visit Struthof on Saturday May 17th. This is a tentative date and we are looking at a 1pm tour time…. we will also be looking for drivers who would also like to participate in a tour facilitated by the actual Director of the Struthof site, Mme Neau-Dufour!!!! So if there are any teens out there who are interested in TAG-ing along for this or other events please contact either Samuel Seguin of Henri Seguin via Facebook and we will gladly add you to the group.

One thought on “[TAG] Paintball outing

  1. Gauthier says:

    I have a young girl at home who will turn 14 in November, my step-daughter. She lives in Paris but comes here on a regular basis. She is born in the US, NY, and misses the country and its people a lot. She is totally bilingual and would be thrilled to meet other people from the US like her. She is here with us till the 1st of September. If there is anything scheduled with the TAG until there, she would be interested in joining the group but for later on also. My address email is That would be wonderful if someone could send me informations and details about the TAG so I can forward them to her. Thanks.

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