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Americans in Alsace


Americans in Alsace (AIA) is a volunteer based non-profit organization headquartered in Strasbourg, France.  AIA has been a strong and lively association for more than 20 years and it continues to grow each year.  We currently have approximately 150 member families.  Whether you are new to the region or a long-time resident, there is something for you in AIA.  Americans In Alsace is a great place to meet new people and the perfect place to volunteer your time.  AIA is always looking for volunteers!

We invite you to learn more about our association via this website and we encourage you to contact any of the Board members on the ‘Contact’ tab with any questions or requests for further information.  Thank you for your interest in Americans In Alsace!


Who We Are:

Americans in AlsaceAmericans in Alsace was founded in 1991 and is a registered association of Americans and Canadians living in Alsace and surrounding areas. AIA is financed through membership fees and, in part, by donations from corporations and businesses operating in the region.

What We Do:

children activitiesAmericans in Alsace functions as a support system by helping individuals and families identify with and integrate into the culture of eastern France. AIA promotes interest and awareness of local lifestyle through various association activities and helps members to develop new friendships and feel connected to the community, fostering a sense of familiarity in new surroundings. We cooperate with other English and French speaking associations, which, in turn, expand our local network.

What We Offer:

social gatheringsAmericans in Alsace provides a forum for exchanging information, a Monthly Newsletter and an internal email network. We also celebrate American and Canadian holidays such as the Fourth of July, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, and organize several social gatherings each month, including an annual family cook-out, monthly coffee mornings, weekly preschool children play groups and monthly book club meetings. Other activities are planned each month by the children and adult committees. AIA members also receive discounts to English Speaking adult and children’s movies.

About Being a Member:

Americans and Canadians welcomeAIA functions as a support system for North Americans living in the area, helping individuals and families identify with, and integrate into, their new environment. AIA promotes interest in, and awareness of, the lifestyle and culture of France, stimulates new friendships through shared social activities, promotes a positive image of Americans and Canadians to its French counterparts, and celebrates American and Canadian customs and holidays in a safe cultural harbor. We have approximately 300 members.

Membership Benefits

Connect and socialize with other Americans and Canadians living in Alsace

    • Attend weekly preschool children playgroups
    • Join the monthly coffee morning social group
    • Receive our monthly newsletter with news and scheduled events
    • Make connections for friendships

Discover the local lifestyle & culture

    •  Meet up for visits around many themes: visual art, culinary art, nature, crafts, etc.
    • Share the collective knowledge gained living abroad on such issues as schooling, health care, working and daily living

Keep America in your heart

    • Celebrate American customs and holidays, from July 4th, Thanksgiving and Halloween to the Superbowl
    • Receive discounts to English speaking movies at local cinemas


AIA members share the collective knowledge they have gained living abroad on such issues as schooling, health care, working and daily living. AIA’s online message board can get your question or announcement out to most of our members. There really is no better way of quickly getting connected in Strasbourg.

 Membership Requirements

AIA family activitiesBecome a member of AIA with an American or Canadian passport or Green Card.

AIA membership dues are only €40 per year for a family.

Thank You To Our Sponsor:


Thank You To Our Sponsors:

George Donnelly, CPA